Lost Souls {story}

June 10, 2015

"And after my husband died, I told my daughter to put me in a home so she wouldn't have to take care of me 24/7," Lili...

"And after my husband died, I told my daughter to put me in a home so she wouldn't have to take care of me 24/7," Lilian concluded her life story.
"So would you say your husband was your soul mate?" Henry asked.
They were both in their late 70s, with the exception that Lilian had been staying at the Sunny Hill Philadelphia retirement home for five years, while Henry had just been brought in a week prior.
"What do you mean?" Lilian hesitated. She was never the one to romanticize life, because she was never truly happy. She had an amazing, successful daughter that she loved more than anything, but she married her husband only because her parents forced her when they found out she became pregnant before she met him - and he never knew that Gracie, her daughter, wasn't his. She eventually learned to love him, but every day she woke up next to him, she wondered what would've happened if she had married someone else ... And she knew exactly which one.
"You know, a soul mate. Every time you see them, you have butterflies in your stomach, you fall in love with them every day," Henry answered. "And you just know it was fate that brought them to you."
"I don't believe in soul mates. Nor in fate." she announced. "If such things were real, my life would've turned out differently. I used to believe I would marry my Prince Charming, but the man for whom I thought could be the one, disappeared when I was twenty. If fate existed, it would've brought him back to me."
She spoke slowly and so gently, you never would've guessed she was unhappy. Only the words they told, showed, that Lilian was more down-to-earth and Henry was a hopeless romantic.
"Enough about me, what's your story? We've been talking for a week and I barely know you," she added.
"Well, there's not much to tell ... I was never married. I've always dreamed of having kids but it didn't work out with the only girl I truly loved and I just threw myself into building a successful career," Henry answered. "I was a lawyer, you know, I handled all the big cases that happened in Chicago in the '70s."
"Well what happened to the girl?" Lilian was curious. "Didn't you just say you believe in soul mates, and yet you never found yours?"
"Oh, but I did. And if it wasn't going to happen with her, I wasn't going to be with anyone. Because once you've met your soul mate, you can't just be happy with someone else," he explained. "And the thing about her was ... We were happy. And we were planning on moving in together and getting married. Just a week before we were supposed to move into our apartment, I had to go to Chicago on my first business trip for three days as an intern at a law firm here in Philadelphia. Me and one of the partners at the firm drove there with his car and we were involved in a horrible accident. He died on the spot, and I was in a coma for a month. After that, I barely remembered anything and it wasn't until six months after I woke up when I ran into an old friend of mine - we were actually neighbors back in Philly - and he told me what had been going on, that I started remembering things. But it was too late. Pete, that was my friend's name, told me that my Lily had already gotten married and had a baby with that man." He wiped a tear off his face. "I was heartbroken. I decided to forget about my past life and start working as a lawyer in Chicago. That's why I was so successful. Every time I would start thinking about her, I shut off my emotions and start working on a case. And that's it, my story."
Lilian's eyes began to tear up. She thought of how just a few minutes ago she said she doesn't believe in fate and now the Universe has proved her wrong and put her in a state of pure shock.
"It ... It wasn't that man's baby, you know," she stuttered. "It was your baby. And the only reason she married that man was because she didn't know about your accident. She thought you left her for good, and her parents didn't allow her to raise her daughter by herself."
Henry's face turned white. "What are you talking about?"
"The woman that was visiting me before, Gracie, is your daughter, Henry." she managed to say before bursting in tears. "I'm Lily."

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