Practical things I've already learnt at university

October 21, 2015

Hello Sparkles! I've been at university for almost two months now and I figured out that time really does fly when you're ...

Hello Sparkles!

I've been at university for almost two months now and I figured out that time really does fly when you're having fun! I'm living in an apartment and there's a lot of things you learn about yourself and about being independent when you're actually independent. Here's what I've learnt.

You will get lost during your first week at least once.
My moving day was September 28th. My roommates and I signed the contract for the apartment, and we were excited to start living the university life. The owner of the apartment told us where we would have to go the next day to check into the municipal thingy so they know that we live here. She said that we just need to go to a certain bus stop and go into the first building there. It wasn't the first building, though. We found it after 10 minutes and after telling them why we're there, they sent us to the other side of the city because they don't deal with temporary residence. We didn't have our bus passes yet (and you can't buy the tickets on the bus) so we walked, naturally. Before finding the actual building, we walked into three other buildings. And when we finally came to the right one, they said we can check in the next day, because the date on our contract was October 1st. So we walked back home. I guess it was a nice walk.

Cereal is my best friend. And it's cheap.
My roommates and I hold the record in eating cereal. I'm embarrassed to tell you how much milk we've used, but let's just say we buy it by the dozen so we get a discount for it. Cereal is really cheap and it's also healthier than any other snacks, so that's what we eat. Besides mac&cheese and the food that we get with student vouchers.

There's a lot of opportunities ...
Everywhere you go, there'll be a million people bombarding you with clubs, associations, Amnesty-International-signature-and-money-collectors. The first day of school I was asked to fill a survey about religion and in turn I got a tote bag. There was a question if I wanted to know more about religion and out of courtesy my best friend and I said that we might, because FREE TOTE BAG!

... and you shouldn't join everything.
A week later we got a message from an American girl that has been living in Slovenia the past 3 years and is a representer of the club. She was really cool when we went out for a coffee, until she started talking about Christianity and why god is so awesome. But she promised us brownie-flavored ice cream so we went out again. The next time she brought tiny books about god and she made us read verses out of it and this whole time I'm thinking "How did I get here? I'm not religious! I don't even want the bag, it's bright orange!" So we kindly told her that we're pretty happy with our lives and that we currently don't need religion. My point is, don't let them fool you with free bags, delicious-flavored ice cream or cookie dough dip.

I've got a lot of energy at night, but none in the morning.
Maybe this is just a me thing, but I have no problem staying up until 3am, as long as I can sleep at least until 8am. And my university is perfect for that, because my classes start at around 10. If you have the opportunity to pick your own groups and you're like me, don't pick classes before 9am.

The bus system is insane.
Seriously. It took me 5 days to understand it (and I got lost a bunch of times), and a month to learn the most important numbers that I have to look for.

The best feeling is when I get to the bus station and I see that my bus number will arrive in less than 5 minutes.
My bus number drives every 15 minutes, so getting to a station and seeing less than 5 minutes until arrival is awesome!

So that's pretty much it. I love university and I haven't felt this happy in a long time! Also, what's the difference between college and university? I honestly still don't know. 
Are there any weird stories from the start of your freshman year of college? 

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