I kinda hate changes {2nd blogiversary}

January 01, 2016

Having a blogiversary on January 1st is really cool. It helps me reflect on the whole year and how I've changed and the things I'...

Having a blogiversary on January 1st is really cool. It helps me reflect on the whole year and how I've changed and the things I've done blog-wise, all in once. The first thing I want to say is that 2015 was a good year for me. Every once in a while I ask myself, "If I died right now, would I die happy, knowing I did everything I could?" And at the end of this year, the answer was a definite yes.

Let's look at the major moments of 2015, both on and off the blog.

1. My article got published in a major Slovenian newspaper for the first time (I've got the merchandise to prove it!)

2. My best friend and I started developing the idea for opening our bakery someday and that was the first time we collaborated on something major baking-wise.

3. I graduated from high school very successfully and I got accepted into the university of my choice.

4. I celebrated my 19th birthday in July, I feel old. Now I can say "You know, 10 years ago I was doing *insert something here*" and it will actually mean something.

5. I met Danny from gradualreport!!! I've been hoping for that to happen since 8th grade when I started watching his vlogs.

6. I went to Mirabilandia with my best friend, her sister, and her best friend, and it was really cool since it was my first time travelling without any adults (because, you know, I AM an adult) somewhere other than the beach.

7. I got the most awesome and fun roommates and we've laughed so much in these past few months! The photo is of our first day together in Ljubljana when we had a tea party.

8. I saw The Bohemians, one of the best Queen cover bands and it was LEGENDARY! Of course, this will all be overshadowed when I actually SEE THE ACTUAL HALF OF QUEEN (Brian May and Roger Taylor with Adam Lambert) IN JUNE! That's right, they're coming to Italy and I'm going with my best friend.

9. And that's my best friend and I on New Year's Eve. We've been best friends for 4 years now (3 years more and it's supposed to last a lifetime!) and this year we decided to hike for New Year's Eve. That way we were able to say we started the year exercising (even though we only walked for 30 minutes and we were tired as hell).
And even though 2015 was totally my year and my first words of 2016 were What the hell??? Not yet! (we missed the countdown), I was extremely excited for a new year of awesomeness. Because even though I hate changes, these past few were pretty amazing. And because when you're sure it will be your year, it will be.

Thank you for an amazing year, Sparkles. I wish all of you a successful 2016!

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