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January 06, 2016

Hi Sparkles! When I started university in October, I didn't have a hard time adjusting. I love being surrounded by opportunities...

Hi Sparkles!
When I started university in October, I didn't have a hard time adjusting. I love being surrounded by opportunities and different kinds of people so that's probably the reason I couldn't wait for high school to end. But there are A LOT of differences between living in the countryside and staying in a city.

Locking the front door.
At home, I don't think we've ever locked the front door during the day (sometimes we leave it unlocked even during the night). There's 8 houses around ours and there is basically no crime.
However, in Ljubljana we have 2 locks on the door, and we lock both of those twice. And that's after the main front door is locked to all non-residents of the building.

I find the ability to not talk to every single person I see SO soothing. I adore meeting new people and talking to them (because, let's face it, I love talking in general), but I also love just saying hi and continuing my way. Also, in a city no one will come up to you and say "I saw you left your place at 3.28pm yesterday, what was that all about?"

There's always something happening.
At home, I could never just decide to go to some event. At least not before I had my driver's license. Even though my parents would drive me anywhere, I kinda always felt like it was an obligation for them. Here in Ljubljana I basically just get on the bus (that is in front of my building) and I'm anywhere in 10 minutes. Or I can walk, that's the healthier option.

Staying in for the whole day.
I don't know if it's about people telling me I should go out or just momentary common sense, but I don't think I've ever stayed in the house for a whole day. Until now. Since I'm away from home (and my roommates also like to stay in), nobody's pushing me to go outside and I love it.
I mean mostly I have to stay in because I'm doing college stuff, but that's still pretty cool.

I really like jogging. But jogging is kinda hard to do when you live on a hill, so either I hiked or I did nothing. And now I go jogging about once a week and I feel pretty cool.

Obviously, I miss not paying bills and having a fully stocked fridge at all times, but this whole apartment-thing is pretty awesome. What do you think are some major differences between living in a city and in the countryside? 

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