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September 21, 2016

My best friend once said she doesn't like concerts because you can listen to their music at home, if you want to. Needless to say, my reaction was "How are we even friends????!!!!!" For me, concerts are not just "listening to music". They're about experiencing everything. The people that created the music that I so energetically listen to and adore. The show that they put on, even though this obviously doesn't match the actual music. Seeing how many people are also as overwhelmed by the music as me. And yes, songs, of course.

One of my college classmates (yes, I decided it is an acceptable word, even for college) said that at our age, we work and save money for living expenses, traveling, and concerts. And I decided to do exactly that. A few weeks ago I went to the Queen concert here in Italy and it was AMAZIIIIIIIING! And that's when I made a list of people that I would love to see do a concert somewhere near me.

These guys! I love them so much. I knew some of their songs before, but I started intensely listening to them when Sight of the Sun, one of my favorites, was featured in Girls. That's when I started listening to all of their music and it is so amazing and heart-breaking, but also heart-healing. They have been very helpful whenever I was feeling down and I only started t understand some of the songs when something similar happened to me. I now love all of them (the first album a tad more than the second). And I REEAAALLY hope they get back together and have a European tour, since they're currently on hiatus.

The Beach Boys.
I wrote about them recently and before you tell me I'm an idiot, I KNOW they're not together anymore (at least not the same lineup from the '60s). I am, however, waiting for a European reunion tour.
(11/2016 UPDATE: Their reunion tour includes Europe and I already have the ticket!)

Elton John.
This guy is just amazing. From The Lion King music, to Your Song, to Still Standing, he's still full of energy at almost 70 years. He's currently on tour in Europe but I was too late to buy a ticket anywhere near, so hopefully he'll have another one in the next few years.

I first started listening to Mika when my sister gave me a CD with a few of his songs. Looking back, I think my music taste evolved largely around my sister's. Anyway, Mika keeps making catchy songs that you just can't get out of your head (last year I had Grace Kelly stuck in my head for a month and a half, it was terrible).

I can't remember when I first started listening to their music, I just remember I thought MmmBop was performed by three girls. When I first saw the video I was shocked. I was even more shocked when I realized how amazing they look now, 20 years later, and of course I adore their music style. Luckily, my roommate shares my love for them, so we have a pact to go see them when they come to Europe.

Noah Guthrie.
A Glee alum. I love his voice and he was actually in Europe this spring, but the closest concert to me was in the Netherlands, which is just a bit too far to go just for a concert, and I was too busy with college to travel for more than a day.

There's a lot more musicians whose concerts I want to see, but these are my favorites.
Do you have a concert wish list? 

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